Shackrobeat Vol. 1


Artist: Aphrodesia
Title: Shackrobeat Vol. 1
Catalog #: CYBER1005

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Aphrodesia’s sound represents the next generation of the American Afrobeat movement, where respect is paid to various music forms, but with fluid migrations between genres and cultures, all with the intention of making people move: heart, soul, and feet. The legendary 12 piece band serves brass-laden Aphrobeat funk.

“Afrobeat is a musical phenomenon whose time has come…. Aphrodesia, San Francisco’s contenders in the Afrobeat arena, are 11 young heavyweights who embellish the form with Latin swing and reggae skank. Vocalist Lara Maykovich adds a steamy sensuality, shifting the focus of the message from the boardroom to the bedroom. It’s an irresistible twist that’ll keep you begging for more.”
-SF Bay Guardian