Vines & Stream


Artist: Welder
Title: Vines & Stream
Catalog #: CYBER1024

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Welder’s debut downtempo album combines organic broken beats with urban and world flavors. Welder has been compared to the likes of Moby and The Orb and in our view brings whole new elements of flavor to the table. This is the kind of album that you’ll grow to love the more you hear it.

What people are saying about Vines & Stream:

“Welder’s Vines & Stream is absolutely wonderful! If you’re looking for a chilled out album with every song being hits (a tall order), this is by far the one! The entire album is tied together by the same “sound” but all songs have their own uniqueness. Although the title of the album may make it appear as though it’s a calming ambient album, it’s actually a great electronic/chillout/borderline triphop album with fantastic (but not over the top) beats. I cannot say enough about this album. Request it, listen to it, then buy it – you won’t be disappointed.”
– Lounging Sound

“I just don’t believe the quality of sounds on Vines & Stream… each and every track is just pure auditory bliss… a whiff of fresh spring breeze. Welder is one of the best surprises of 2006, I am simply loving this album. This is an astounding effort for a debut with excellent production quality. All the sounds are playful, organic, very uplifting and danceable. I see many happy faces listening to Welder.”
– Decompression Chamber

“Vines & Stream frequently delights through its heavily melodic instrumentals hosting considerable atmospheres and wide sound palettes. It is oozing with melodic content and uplifting strings.”
– Barcode Magazine

“A lush album of urban beats and downtempo moods. The album glows with colour as Welder tends to paint his sound with broad vivid sonic strokes – bold, bright, and uplifting.”
– Morpheus Music