Artist: Mystical Sun
Title: Deeperworlds
Catalog #: CYBER1027

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Read the stellar recommendation as “one of the albums of 2007 that deserved an extra mention”, on the Echoes Blog.

What people are saying about Deeperworlds:

“A world class effort… this is one great CD. Deeperworlds never disappoints the listener with each track building on the last and leaving you with a complete picture. Highly recommended.”
– Ambient Visions

“While we’re here my favorite ambient album of the year: Mystical Sun Deeperworlds. Inventive programming, cut & paste surrealism, surging, almost anthemic grooves and deceptively haunting melodies.”
– John Diliberto, Echoes Radio

“Mystical Sun manages to take the listeners on a subtle journey through ambient, dub, abstract visions, and even upbeat progressive grooves all suspended in an aqueous transmission. A very pleasant surprise.”
– Decompression Chamber

“Utterly fantastic, like nothing else! Deeperworlds is a perfect and inspired title for this collection. The songs are arranged to flow, but each track definitely shifts dimension into another sphere. Mystical Sun has an excellent sense of the Build and the Break, which is rare in ambient and downtempo music. Interestingly manages to sound futuristic and tribal at the same time. Lush guitars, synths, and percussion fill all space, gradually dropping out towards the end of the album to float in shimmering peace. I really enjoy the entire album journey, it’s hard to pick just a few, but if you’re singles-shopping I’d recommend ‘Blue Magnetic Ocean’, ‘Ninth Sphere’, and ‘Dragonfly’.”
– Monsteraurus

“ANOTHER ABSOLUTELY TOPNOTCH RELEASE FROM FAIRLY MYSTERIOUS SYNTHESIST – You say the new Mystical Sun is coming out and I say, “I’m there”. That’s how it is. This is only the third release, and with 5-6 year intervals between discs (the first two aren’t dated, so I’m estimating): the first, Primordial Atmospheres in the mid-90s, and the second, After Materia Cloudland, which must have been around 2001. This artist takes time to craft very remarkable technoambient recordings with strong shamanistic and magickal properties. reclusive and wise. Mystical Sun has released sonic jewel after sonic jewel, may it continue forever, so be it.

This album starts with some highly intelligent high energy pieces that are in the electrodub general domain but really only Phutreprimitive comes close. This really is in its own peculiar world that can’t be easily described. owing some to Native American shamanism, some to the Egyptian current. Mystical Sun is sort of like the Castanedan Don Juan of Electro. Serious.

The latter part of the album becomes very electronic and ambient, but this disc really does work the areas of Shamanic Power. 14 tracks move adept through regions of the Underworld that provide deep Insight to intrepid explorers with the courage to go deep within.”
– `Visionary Sound Arts Interface` Review

“The quality is there, the variety is there, and the feeling is there. It fits together, and still gives me goosebumps while listening to some tracks. “Pure” is definitely one, but “Halo” is another one that combines everything in just the right way to be simply perfect…lush, melodic, dreamy melodies and nice laidback rhythms.”
– Electronic Music World

“Chilled instrumental electronica with rich layering and serene atmospheres… the overall impression is one of tranquility and unhurried easiness. Mystical Sun leans in the direction of cinematic soundscaping, world influences tinting the sound with a colourful exotica at times – yet always with tasteful subtlety.”
– Morpheus Music

“It’s a world that’s warm, inviting, and unlike anything that every day life can give you, and ‘Deeperworlds’ is a perfect name for it.”
– Properly Chilled