Artist: Single Cell Orchestra
Title: celldom:v2:arc
Catalog #: CYBER1038

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The second release in Single Cell Orchestra`s “Celldom” series dives deeply into true ambiance, sound design and atmosheric soundscapes.

Arc also includes a beatless mix of two of the most popular tracks on celldom:v1:opt, namely “Explore Your Mind” & “Lullabuy”. In fact most of this album is beatless and full of movement created by evolving sound-scapes instead of beats.

This album includes much of SCO’s signature pad sounds as well as delving into newer production influences. Miguel’s releases for Astralwerks, Asphodel, and Spacetime Continuum’s own Reflective have put him on a very small list of highly acclaimed American electronic music pioneers.

What people are saying about celldom:v2:arc:

“I was hooked from the get-go on celldom:v2:arc. I fell in love with pure pleasures like “Lullaby”, “Deep In It”, and “Cathexis”, just three examples of the brilliance of Single Cell Orchestra. celldom:v2:arc is a must-have.”
– Reviewer Magazine

What people have said about the Celldom series:

“Listeners will be fascinated by the juxtaposition of pretty melodies with sharp and glitchy machine grooves.”
– Ambient Music Guide

“Lush washes of tone and harmonious, tuneful leads make for some attractive themes and memorable moments. The fresh, slender musical quality here is compelling and quite often dreamy and transporting.”
– Morpheus Music

“Light uplifting melodies, thick emotive atmospheres, and intelligent electronic pulsations lift you into the night sky and welcome in the morning sun. `Celldom V.1: Opt` is an aural wonderland of eclecticism, harmonizing tones, and clever arrangements; from electro, breaks, house, ambient, and beyond.”
– Tena Moore

“The compositions are endearing and congenial. The electronics utilize a softness that twinkles with fuzzy charm, whether the track is flowing with a languid resolve or hopping with a funky demeanor.”
– Sonic Curiosity