Purple & Orange (The Remixes)


Artist: Welder
Title: Purple & Orange (The Remixes)
Catalog #: CYBER1042

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One of the hit tracks off the Welder album Vines & Stream album gets reworked by some of most diverse acclaimed producers, each putting their own unique twist on Welder’s sounds, and resulting in a pack of tracks that could easily be listened to as an album.

Audiovoid handed us a remix that blew our minds, being a glitched out edgy and yet pretty at the same time remix.

Fanu, known for his Drum & Bass output, delivers an urban and edgy remix.

Bluetech provides a playful and uplifting rework.

Dov gave us an experimental midtempo remix that could muddle a few minds with all the percussive edits.

Welder even gave a hand and remixed his own track again , this time making it an experimental ambient piece.

“This is something digital and organic like a computer with it’s processor power rooted in the earth. This is uplifting and at moments has glimpses of melancholy, simply put … outstanding.”