SubTropic EP


Artist: Bird of Prey
Title: SubTropic EP
Catalog #: CYBER1050

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Cyberset Music is happy to announce this Bird Of Prey release, including collaborations with Random and Chillax’n, both iof whom have been making a name for themselves in Psy-trance production and producing good “Psy-chill”.

The EP delves in dubstep and drum & bass for urban influences and yet maintains a high level of cerebral stimulating frequencies and effects not commonly found in many urban genres, this ultimately produces a euphoric and ultimately ethereal quality to the tunes whihc also vary greatly in beat structure and rhythm. This journey is both stimulating and exciting.

1. Bird of Prey & Random- Friendly Fire
2. Bird of Prey & Random- Sub Tropics
3. Bird of Prey & Chillax’n- Pipe Dream
4. Bird of Prey & Random- In-Flight Snack