Preverberations From The Infinite Future


Artist: Kalpataru Tree
Title: Preverberations From The Infinite Future
Catalog #: CYBER1055

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Curtis Humphrey is responsible for channeling all production, composition, beats and synthesis that is Kalpataru Tree into a digital reality. He utilizes guitar, bass guitar, Ableton Live, Reason, synths, and works with several female vocalists.

He states, “My intent is to sculpt frequencies and rhythms using existing music paradigms such as dub, glitch-hop, IDM, downtempo – and infuse the sound with a unique soul-provoking quality of conscious awareness and psychedelic mystery.”

Kalpataru Tree captures the magical nature of his frequently traveled Cascadia (British Columbia, Oregon, and Washington) and the area where he resides just outside of Ashland, Oregon. Kalpataru Tree performances are most likely to be found in this region. He is inspired by imagination, nature, God, the evolution of technology, and grateful for people writing really good software.

His influences include; Sphongle, The Orb, Banco De Gaia, Gabriel Le Mar, and OTT, Bluetech, Adham Shaikh, Phutureprimitive, Liquid Stranger, Peaking Goddess Collective, etc.

Track Listing:
01 Serpentrise 8:33
02 Creation Matrix 8:43
03 Singular 8:28
04 Chimera Pyramid 6:48
05 Vibrate The Frequency 9:13
06 Prayer 10:13
07 Elliptical Sequence 5:25
08 Transfigure 9:30
09 Earth Party 8:30