Artist: Mystical Sun
Title: Cassiopeia EP
Catalog #: CYBER1057

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Legendary Ambient and Downtempo specialist Mystical Sun delivered his eagerly anticipated album 26000 in 2012 (available through our sister label Earthdance Music) and he gave us a taste of things to come with Cassiopeia. The result is like a blend of Ulrich Shnauss, Shpongle and H.U.V.A. Network, lightly stirred and epically etheric.

The often elusive Mystical Sun is no stranger to success, having had over two million track downloads from his first album. His Energy Mind Consciousness and Deeperworlds releases became “album of the year” on Echoes Radio and are still regular listings on the eMusic Downtempo charts.

Mystical Sun acquired an ever growing fan base through years of releases on compilations for the world’s leading downtempo, dub and chillout labels. After all the accolades, it is quite surprising how well Mystical Sun evolves from one album to the next, and yet maintains a sound that is uniquely his own.

Past production comparisons have included “Future Sound Of London”, “The Orb” and even “The Cure”, so it becomes hard to define what is the essence of the Mystical Sun sound. What we do know is that his ever-evolving explorations in sound design, and recreation / re-molding of micro-genres to suite his own ends, make listening to a Mystical Sun album a full journey, a deep place to be; but always warm and with resolution.

1. Cassiopeia (from the forthcoming album 26000) 9:09
2. Holographic Rain (Cassiopeia mix) 6:44
3. Gravitational Tide Pools 5:55