Single Cell Orchestra


Description: Ambient soundscapes and electro funk grooves.

Performers/Musicians: Miguel Fierro

Biography: San Francisco musician par excellence, Miguel Fierro, is the internationally acclaimed and acknowledged artist otherwise known as Single Cell Orchestra. His releases for Astralwerks, Asphodel, and Spacetime Continuum’s own Reflective have put him on a very small list of highly acclaimed American electronic music pioneers.

Single Cell Orchestra has recently teamed up with Bass Kittens to do a bunch of singles, the first releasing on Eyephunk Recordings and then two on Si Beggs’ Noodles Discotech. Cyberset provides an outlet for Miguels full range of production material, including his Celldom series of albums.

What people are saying about Single Cell Orchestra:

“Fierro uses sweeping strings and catchy melodies which are strongly supported by his dense hypnotic rhythms. His tracks have been compared to both The Orb and The Future Sound Of London.”
Luke Magnuson at

“Suprisingly upbeat recasting of the ambient mold. Fierro has found an amazing new way to convey the essentials of ambient’s pulchritude and emotive power in a new, more affable manner.”